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07 December 2014 @ 07:56 pm
Sales policies!
- I received sales permission from dewott on May 17, 2013. My feedback is here:
- All pkmncollectors rules apply.
- No banned members or non-community members.
- I reserve the right not to sell to you if I feel that you are untrustworthy, have had any neutral/negative feedback, or have not read my rules.
- I will ship internationally, but prices start at $7. If you cannot accept this, please do not ask for a quote.
- I ship from NYC.
- Paypal only please!
- Prices are just for the items; shipping/material/Paypal fees are not included.
- The first person to commit to an item gets priority – not the first person who expresses interest.
- At the moment, I would really prefer not to haggle. If you're buying a large amount of items, I might be willing to compromise, but for now I'm sticking to this rule. :)
- Minimum purchase of $3 before shipping please! I'm low on shipping supplies and don't really want to be shipping singular stamps everywhere.
- I will NOT hold an item you’re not committed to. Holding = guaranteed payment.
- I have a cat. He’s not permitted near anything I’m selling, but I CANNOT guarantee that your purchase will be 100% free of cat hair.
- Some of these items have definitely been loved and played with. Please ask for more pictures if you want an item in a specific condition.

- Please, please, please say "still looking" if you're planning to add to your comment. If you have a comment string 3 or 4+ comments long, I'm not going to be very happy and may refuse to sell to you.
- I would really appreciate it if you would include prices and a rough total with your comment. With a post this large, it gets really difficult to keep everything straight.
- I will probably not be able to ship anything until next weekend! This applies to both domestic and international orders. If you need something in time for the holidays, ask and I might be able to arrange something, but only in desperate cases.


Snivy 18" Toy Factory plush - looking for $25 OBO. He will be cut at the seam and have his stuffing taken out for shipping. He has a small hole on one leg.

Leafeon Tomy Plush (MWT) - $20
Leafeon Jakks Plush (MWT) - $20
Salamence 2008 Banpresto plush (MWT) - $20

Tranquil MPC - $5
MIP Mini Audino Pokedoll - $15
I <3 Pikachu - $8

Darkrai plush - $8
Pansage and Woobat Jakks change-to-pokeball plush - $4

Coin Purses - $5 each

Mini plushes - $5 each

Jigglypuff - $3 (scratched up eyes)
Change-to-pokeball plush (Chikorita and Cyndaquil) - $6
Others - $3


DX Kids!
Wailord, Lapras, Garchomp - $5
All others - $3
GONE: Kyogre, Snorlax
 photo IMG_3654_zpsb2f70e0b.jpg
 photo IMG_3653_zps3a1764e1.jpg
 photo IMG_3655_zps5759467f.jpg

Clear kids - $1
GONE: Both Abra, Exeggcute, Donphan
 photo IMG_3647_zps51d6f5ec.jpg
 photo IMG_3648_zpsf8de6490.jpg

Clear kids - $3
 photo IMG_3649_zps9a0e5444.jpg

Kanto/Johto clear kids - $3
Venusaur, Ledian, Noctowl - $5
GONE: Larvitar, Snubbull
 photo IMG_3650_zps773b6d0d.jpg

Hoenn clear kids - $3
Swalot, Sharpedo, Cradily, Breloom - $5
 photo IMG_3651_zps66b713cd.jpg

Sinnoh/Unova clear kids - $3
Chimchar, Drapion, Lopunny, Buneary - $5
GONE: Burmy, Swoobat
 photo IMG_3652_zpsaf515796.jpg

These kids are $1 because they're in poor condition - they are either really scratched up, dirty, or have writing on them.
GONE: Magneton, Skiploom, Jigglypuff, Dodrio, Koffing, Shelgon, Sneasel x2, Kakuna, Metapod, Tentacool, Kingdra, Krabby, Celebi, NidoranF, Parasect, Marowak, Clamperl, Celebi, Mew on its back, Groudon
 photo IMG_3635_zps79bd1a96.jpg
 photo IMG_3636_zpsb950647b.jpg
 photo IMG_3637_zps152a94aa.jpg
 photo IMG_3638_zpsb14124ac.jpg
 photo IMG_3639_zps5b53e122.jpg

Kids - all $2
GONE: Baltoy, Scyther, Kingler, Bellsprout, Ekans, Misdreavus, Spinarak, Ariados, Volbeat, Illumise, Spinda, Aipom, Togepi, Snorlax w/ both hands up, Jynx
 photo IMG_3624_zps79bb7135.jpg
 photo IMG_3623_zps6784e189.jpg
 photo IMG_3622_zpscaab0f7b.jpg
 photo IMG_3625_zps37f4430b.jpg
 photo IMG_3626_zps5d985665.jpg
 photo IMG_3627_zps666351b1.jpg
 photo IMG_3628_zps902814d7.jpg
 photo IMG_3629_zpse9fb3c63.jpg
 photo IMG_3630_zps111ac64e.jpg
 photo IMG_3631_zps7e9f07cf.jpg
 photo IMG_3632_zps84f290e8.jpg
 photo IMG_3633_zps68cdfd34.jpg
 photo IMG_3634_zpsc91bb9cf.jpg

Kids - all $3
GONE: 1 Lugia, Mightyena, 1 Growlithe, Arcanine, Charmeleon, left Articuno, Skarmory, Absol, Gyrados, singing Lapras, Meowth w/ guitar
 photo IMG_3611_zps9e0c9c04.jpg
 photo IMG_3612_zps73abb3f5.jpg
 photo IMG_3613_zps44f9bc63.jpg
 photo IMG_3614_zps6f283d5b.jpg
 photo IMG_3615_zps6df9c5f2.jpg
 photo IMG_3616_zpsee9aae6d.jpg
 photo IMG_3617_zps7f361f28.jpg
 photo IMG_3618_zpsebfda22e.jpg
 photo IMG_3619_zpscaa46b29.jpg
 photo IMG_3620_zps51b0fcd3.jpg
 photo IMG_3621_zps8c0451f8.jpg

TOMY Figures
Donphan - $30 OBO
All - $3
GONE: Raikou, Arcanine, Farfetch'd, Scyther
 photo IMG_3657_zpse738af22.jpg
 photo IMG_3658_zpsa444877c.jpg

More TOMYs - $2 (these are of lesser quality/more beat up)
GONE: Mamoswine, Empoleon, Luxio, Luxray, Kangaskhan, Igglybuff, Rhyperior, Munchlax, Cryogonal, Suicune, Staraptor
 photo IMG_3659_zps587e0cb6.jpg
 photo IMG_3660_zpsefc702df.jpg
 photo IMG_3661_zpsc7092f82.jpg
 photo IMG_3662_zps6fc491fe.jpg

Arceus - $15
Yveltal - $8
Heatran (1/40 version) - $10
MIP Combee line - $12
MIP Keldeos - $8 each

Back row - $15
Bidoof (missing a paw) - $5
Manaphy line - $10
Infernape line - $15
Lickitung line - no base - $10
 photo IMG_3640_zps2e4c91fb.jpg

Dialga - missing one ear thing and back ridges - $5
Salamence - $20 (ON HOLD)
Cresselia - $10
Blissey line - missing Happiny, Blissey has a peg stuck in it, no base - $10
All others - $4
 photo IMG_3641_zps2313024d.jpg

Mightyena, Manetric, Altaria, Scyther, Electabuzz- $10
Girafarig - has a peg stuck in it - $20
All others - $4
GONE: Relicanth
 photo IMG_3642_zps27b5fe31.jpg

Cradily line - $10
All others (sold as lines) - $7
GONE: Lanturn line
 photo IMG_3643_zps60c78f1b.jpg

Beautifly - $4
All others - $3
GONE: Solrock, Chatot, Croagunk, Gloom
 photo IMG_3644_zps41ccb665.jpg

Keychains! - $3
GONE: Blastoise, Bellossom, Bulbasaur, All marshtomps, Kyurem
 photo IMG_3663_zps6a49792d.jpg
 photo IMG_3664_zps092ea219.jpg
 photo IMG_3665_zps07f7653d.jpg
 photo IMG_3666_zpsc814de7f.jpg
 photo IMG_3667_zps8329e5cc.jpg
 photo IMG_3668_zpsfc8e27fd.jpg

Salamence, Absol - $12
Others - $5
GONE: May/Torchic
 photo IMG_3669_zps1ec7c241.jpg

Keychains missing their keychain parts - $3
GONE: Sylveon
 photo IMG_3670_zpsb4a6f072.jpg

Keychains missing their keychain parts - $2
 photo IMG_3671_zpsb9a2ef3a.jpg
 photo IMG_3672_zpsf2a10947.jpg
 photo IMG_3673_zpsfaf276a0.jpg
 photo IMG_3674_zps9b1447fc.jpg

Pleeeeeeease take these away - 25 cents apiece
 photo IMG_3675_zpsee99ab1b.jpg

All of these $2
GONE: Shellder, Raticate, Ekans, Electabuzz, Pidgeot, Dewgong

Front row - $4
Second row - $5
Other rows - $3
Stamps off to the right are damaged/won't open, so 50¢ each.
 photo IMG_3656_zps6d4cca5a.jpg

All straps/cellphone cleaners - $2
Sylveon x2, Eevee - $5
 photo IMG_3701_2_zps3e3bbaed.jpg
Lugias - $3
 photo IMG_3702_zps95c2b48f.jpg
 photo IMG_3704_zps0b7be4c5.jpg
 photo IMG_3706_zps04f84c7f.jpg
 photo IMG_3707_zps82665294.jpg
 photo IMG_3708_zps6f56e4f2.jpg

Back row - $3
Front row - $4
 photo IMG_3705_2_zps7a1dbed9.jpg

Bath salt figures - $3
Darkrai, Palkia, Turtwig - $5 (from older, rarer sets)
 photo IMG_3681_zpsfc0fe2ca.jpg
 photo IMG_3682_zps15905f79.jpg
 photo IMG_3683_zps9f057f0a.jpg

Pokedex/Footprint figures
Poochyena - $6
Mightyena - $4
Others - $3
GONE: Ralts, 1 Castform, Whiscash, Marshtomp

Pokedex/footprint figures - $2

Chou get figures - $2
Upper right corner - $3
 photo IMG_3684_zpsb1a18f29.jpg

FCS/Battle Museum
Back row - $4
Others - $2
 photo IMG_3686_zps290c79e9.jpg
 photo IMG_3685_zps54d6d403.jpg

In-Case figures (w/out the case)/stamp figures (w/out the stamp) - $2
 photo IMG_3687_zps366d56d0.jpg

Mini figures
Left side - $3
Others - $2
 photo IMG_3688_zps27a92518.jpg

Chupas/keshipoke - $3
 photo IMG_3689_2_zps19e3bc66.jpg

More chupas/keshipoke - $4
 photo IMG_3690_zps23b4326c.jpg

Minicots - $3
Back row - $5
 photo IMG_3693_zpsbe780346.jpg

Chocoball figures - please ask for conditions on these! some of them are a little worse for wear!
Figures off to the right - $4
Baseless figures - $1
All others - $2
 photo IMG_3697_zpsc7fde2ac.jpg

Hollow Tomy figures - $4
Absol, Mightyena - $8
 photo IMG_3679_zps37e6f33a.jpg
 photo IMG_3680_zps285202a8.jpg

Leafeon lot - $35
 photo IMG_3700_zpsb5c02261.jpg

Clipping figures - $2
 photo IMG_3692_zps47f96dc7.jpg
 photo IMG_3691_zps0c584a85.jpg

Data carrier figures - $4
 photo IMG_3698_2_zps48988241.jpg

Metal figures - $4
Eevee - $6
 photo IMG_3699_zpsf15c20fb.jpg

Human figures
Back row - $2
Front row - $4
 photo IMG_3696_zpsc4c799b7.jpg

Chesspieces - $4
Kaiyodo figures - $3
 photo IMG_3676_zps343cf7b6.jpg

Stamps - $3

Poseable figures - $4
GONE: Dragonite

Chibi figures - $1
Pencil toppers - $3

McDonald's figures - $1
 photo IMG_3677_2_zps4f2e9337.jpg

Weird hollow monocolor figures? - $2
 photo IMG_3678_zpsc5ebde1a.jpg

Rolly figures - $2
 photo IMG_3694_zps7caa34c7.jpg

Bobble heads and sleepy figures - $3
 photo IMG_3695_2_zpsa62bc17b.jpg

Random figures - $2
 photo IMG_3709_zps4727677a.jpg
 photo IMG_3710_2_zpsfc1f7f23.jpg
 photo IMG_3711_2_zpse0581d55.jpg
 photo IMG_3712_zps5aaf45ab.jpg
 photo IMG_3714_2_zpsd3c1a0f0.jpg
 photo IMG_3715_2_zps1bd3ceaf.jpg
 photo IMG_3716_2_zps8b41f8ed.jpg
 photo IMG_3717_2_zps83b9ab74.jpg
 photo IMG_3718_2_zpsa82dbf3c.jpg
 photo IMG_3719_2_zpsfcf9a6c6.jpg
 photo IMG_3720_2_zpsdca70520.jpg
 photo IMG_3721_2_zps3d2e691e.jpg

Retsuden stamps - $5
GONE: Nincada, Ludicolo, Meloetta Aria


TCG coins + other coins - $1
Torchic and Alakazam - $2
 photo IMG_3733_zps77586691.jpg

Back row - $3
Front row - $2
GONE: Eevee
 photo IMG_3734_zps3f647325.jpg

Back row - $3
Front row - $2
 photo IMG_3735_zps5245c135.jpg

Magnets - $1 each (per magnet, not per sheet)
 photo IMG_3736_zps18e93683.jpg

Random items - $1
Giratina and Minun coin - $2
 photo IMG_3737_zps45434232.jpg

Pins - $2
Lugia pin, Scraggy pokedoll pin - $5
Charmander, Mew clip - $3
 photo IMG_3741_zpsd8e157df.jpg

All - $4
 photo IMG_3742_zps09234263.jpg

Keychains - $2
Leafeon watch - $5 (do not know if it works)
 photo IMG_3743_zps042ad2aa.jpg

Swing keychains - $3
Dunsparce, Delibird, Teddiursa - $10
 photo IMG_3744_zpsdf4fa903.jpg

Poketime tins - $10
 photo IMG_3745_zps4ff5ad15.jpg

Buttons - $3
Leafeon/Glaceon buttons - $5
(I will not be profiting off the Pokemon with you buttons - I will donate all profits from these.)
 photo IMG_3746_zps086f6f4a.jpg
 photo IMG_3747_zps60e8e95b.jpg

Full set - $20
Absol - $15
Others - $2
 photo IMG_3748_zps8e15028f.jpg

These are in horrible condition - bootleg, scuffed beyond repair, missing arms/legs/heads/tails, or just dirty. I DO NOT do condition checks on these. 50¢ each.
 photo IMG_3722_2_zps3e4d969e.jpg
14 January 2013 @ 09:17 am
Hello! I'm Jac. This journal is dedicated to Pokémon collecting, but if you want to be friends, I'm happy to oblige! I am collecting the Salamence line, the Phanpy line, the Gogoat line, Torkoal, and Heatmor. My wants list is here: